User-Generated Content

Boticca is not your average online store; it’s a digital marketplace that allows consumers to discover unique jewellery, bags and other accessories.

Curated and edited by a team of fashion experts, designers, stylists, editors, bloggers and collectors, it’s filled with pieces by top emerging designers from around the world. What’s even more beautiful about the concept is that the contributors illustrate the culture, stories and inspiration behind the every collection on the site – and because customers buy directly from the designer, they are able to interact with whoever created their new piece.

Boticca have created a unique shopper experience of discovery and is connecting an international customer base directly with exciting new design talent from across the globe.

Now Boticca have added another element to this experience that will definitely get the attention of my fellow marketers. They’ve launched an Instagram campaign which encourages shoppers to show off their recent Boticca purchase by posting it on Instagram or sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag  #Boticca.

insta screen dump

Here come comes the interesting part – the Instagram feed is connected to the Gallery on the Boticca site and in a section called The Edit on the home page, a selection of these user generated photos are featured alongside the original product image showing other shoppers how real people have worn and styled the products. Brilliant!

the edit

bracelet insta shop this look insta

Having built a strong social media presence, (currently 2,412 Instagram followers, 34,685 Twitter followers, 53,576 Facebook fans and 4,550 Pinterest followers) it’s a fantastic effort to convert that interest to sales and advocacy.


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