To me make-up is another accessory, when you’re all dressed up it just completes the look. I don’t wear make-up every day but I have to admit without it I feel half dressed.

Every season I like to try out new lip and cheek colours to stay up on recent trends (but mostly because I get bored). Although from time to time I like to try different brands MAC is always my first point of call. When I step up to their lipstick counter I’m like a kid in a candy store. They have so many fabulous colours; from high voltage pinks and intense purples to classic reds and every day nudes whatever kind of woman you are they have a shade for you. After trying on a few I always find something I love then when it comes to picking a blusher I struggle but it’s fine because the MAC girls are super helpful and usually select the perfect shade to compliment my lip colour.

On my most recent trip to MAC I had one thing on my radar, the Nicki by Nicki Minaj for the Viva La Glam collection. MAC often do collaborations with celebs and I’ve never been that fussed but when I tried on Nicki I had to make her mine.

nicki lifestyle shot

Nicki Minaj isn’t exactly my idea of a style icon, even this promotional shot makes me shudder but her two lipsticks, Nicki and Nicki 2 are beaut. They also have matching lip glosses which are lovely but I wanted a more solid, rich colour so stuck with the lipstick.

I decided to channel my inner Nicki Minaj and take a few pics of me wearing her self-named lipstick and the new love in my life, I hope you like.

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