The long and the short of it

Words are still one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal. This post by ‘Ave A Word examines the art of copywriting and  sums up beautifully the importance of understanding what needs to be said and how many words to say it in. I always enjoy reading adverts while I’m travelling, especially when they are funny or thought provoking. Some brands to this so well and the example of the easyJet tube panel ad is brilliant.

'ave a word

Want to wind up a copywriter? Apart from putting apostrophes on all your plurals or sticking the pages of the thesaurus together, here’s a good one. Wait until they’ve spent hours meticulously crafting their latest masterpiece, sneak up behind them and casually utter these words: “Can you make it shorter?”

Infuriating as it can be, it’s often justified. One of my favourite industry manuals contains a brilliant exercise that imagines many draft stages of an award-winning press ad. With each successive version, something that had seemed essential is removed. You can imagine the furrowed brows… “But surely we need that?”

And yet the end result is brilliantly pithy, elegant and effective. It works. You get it. What’s more, this technique isn’t just for ads. The next time you find yourself writing an email that’s threatening to mutate into a confused, verbose epic, try it. How far can you cut it…

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