When I was 15 I moved to my family home in Surrey where I found a book about Dali in the built in wardrobe in my bedroom, from that point I sort of felt like it was meant to be, us being there.  I still enjoy flicking through its pages when I need inspiration or simply to relax my mind.


I can’t remember when I first discovered Dali but he has long been my favourite artist. Born in Figueres, Spain in 1904, Salvador Dali is recognised for being one of the most controversial artists of the Surrealist movement.  His technical skill as a painter gave life to his vivid imagination and he created works that were at times as menacing as they were beautiful.

Throughout his career Dali produced a remarkable body of work and it’s my dream to see the collection at The Dalí Theatre-Museum in his home town. I’m constantly changing my mind about which of his paintings I love most; during my time at university Reflection of Elephants hung on my wall but now I am more drawn to Meditative Rose.  I’m sure when I go to his museum I will find something new to love.

Reflection of Elephants37SwansReflectingElephants

Landscape with ButterfliesPaysage aux papillons (Landscape with Butterflies)

Female Figure with Head of Flowerswoman-with-flower-head

Meditative RoseThe rose


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