Not your average cuppa

Bubble tea is a delicious drink/snack made with either flavoured fruit tea or milk tea and natural tapioca. It can be severed hot or cold but always with a big fat straw so you can suck up the yummy tapioca balls at the bottom.

I was introduced to this beverage during my uni days when a friend found a quaint little restaurant in china town and said I had to go back with her to try these amazing pearl drinks (another name for bubble tea). This became one of our favourite spots in London.

It had been years since I had enjoyed a pearl drink so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across Bubbleology, a specialist bubble tea café in Notting Hill.

The café has a science theme throughout, there are formulas painted on the walls which I thought was fun and customers are served by friendly, lab-coat-wearing ‘bubbleologists’ who are more than happy to help you experiment with different flavour mash-ups.


All drinks come with a ‘base’ of green tea, black/red tea or white tea and are infused with natural fruit flavourings. There’s a wide variety of flavours to try in endless combinations and you can also add fruit flavoured jellies for extra taste and texture. The prices are reasonable at £3.45 for a regular and £3.75 for a large plus there is a loyalty scheme offering customers every 10th drink free (ask a member of staff about the Loyalty & Gift Card).


As it was a cold day I went for a strawberry and white peach mixture served piping hot. It was sweet and refreshing with a chewy treat at the end of each mouthful. With drink in hand I made my way to the downstairs seating area which had a quirky feel with colourful plastic chairs and a glass cabinet showcasing books and science themed ornaments.

me drinkingdrinksSubterranean_lounge_7blackboard

Bubbleology is a brilliant alternative to a coffee shop. The drinks look and taste great, the atmosphere is chilled and the science theme makes the whole experience that much more interesting. It would be a great place to catch up with friends or stop and refuel after doing some shopping at Portobello Market and I can image the garden seating area is a cool hang out spot in the summer. With branches across London there’s no excuse not to give it a try!


Some of the pictures featured in this post were taken from Samuel James Morris and The Kitchen Caddy.

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