style overhaul

Can you experience a midlife crisis in your late twenties? Well if you can that might explain a few things because since my 27th birthday my style and interests have dramatically changed. “I am TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD, that’s three years from thirty, I’m an adult” I thought to myself – yet I don’t look or feel like one.

First things first I needed a style overhaul – the idea was if I start looking more womanly, I’d act more like the woman I want to be and everything I feel I should have at this age would slowly fall into place. So goodbye long hair extensions, hello chic bob –  to rid myself of too much fakery I removed my pointed false nails, keeping my natural nails manicured with an elegant round shape instead. Over-sized shirts, blouses, trousers and pencil skirts have become a welcome addition to my wardrobe though my love for vintage blazers and dresses is unwavering – I’m still a fan of statement necklaces but overall I wear less jewellery – I try to avoid what I like to call the ‘of the moment’ shoe and my closet is now bulging with classic courts and sandals I imagine I will be wearing for years to come. All these changes have given me a completely new look, which I would describe as classic style with a contemporary twist. When I need outfit inspiration I report to the Style board on my new favourite social media platform Pinterest.

I think everyone can apply this to their lives in some way – for example, if you look like a sexy fun-time girl you are likely to attract a sex obsessed boy who is just looking for some fun however if you look like a confident, sophisticated and stylish woman you stand half a chance of getting the attention of a man you can take seriously (at least that’s the theory).

Personal style is extremely important; before you ever utter a word, you make a powerful statement about yourself to everyone you meet with your clothes, hair and make-up. I genuinely believe that your outward appearance is a reflection of who you are and how you see yourself. With that being said, although my style seems to have changed overnight, perhaps what I am exhibiting is not the symptoms of a premature midlife crisis but rather a demonstration of personal growth.




bobdinner and drinks

green dressbirthday drinks

corallondon fashion week

blue sudeshopping

floral shirtnight out


I used to see myself as a trendy, quirky, hipster kid who liked to have fun and trying  new things – now I like to think I am a mature professional with exceptional taste in fashion, food and entertainment.  I’m still always open to new experiences and I definitely know how to have a good time, I just look a little different.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on dressing for your age.


5 responses to “style overhaul

  1. You look much more polished now… but you are equally sweet, I like both “then” and “now” photos…

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