John Lewis: My TV ad crush

When Christmas comes around there is so much to look forward to; people get swept up in the excitement of giving and receiving gifts, spending time with loved ones, eating and drinking far too much and enjoying some much needed time away from work. I however, spend my days anxiously awaiting the moment I will see the latest  John Lewis Christmas TV ad (sad I know).

Television advertising has a reach like no other medium; it’s beamed into our homes while we relax and watch our favourite programmes then without us evening knowing, evokes in us an emotional connection with the brands they are selling.

For me Christmas shopping is a traumatic experience. Like many people I leave everything to the last minute, then I’m left pulling my hair out over what to buy and for who while having to contend with busy streets and shops packed with other frantic shoppers.  Despite the fact  I know this will be my fate, John Lewis ads always fill me with a happy feeling of how wonderful Christmas shopping will be because there is something for everyone and I can show the special people in my life how much I care by selecting the perfect gift. I don’t know whether it’s the fact these ads portray human experiences (that we can all relate to) so beautifully, or the inspired music choices but they get me every time.

Clearly I am not the only consumer struck by this feeling as during the Christmas period online sales were 44.3% up on the previous  year. Peter Ruis, Brand and Buying Director at John Lewis, said:

“Our Christmas TV advertising has become a real talking point over the past few years and ‘The Journey’ was no exception, notching up over 3 million hits on YouTube and seeing an incredible response from customers.” Source: Marketing Magazine

I love John Lewis ads so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you

I know these aren’t Christmas ads but they moved me so much I had to share them anyway


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