Behind The Scenes: Nails By Mets Viral Promo Video

Nails by Mets is a mobile nail service that offers manicures using the latest technology in nail colour and design. The company launched on Jan 1st this year but back in December I was invited to feature in a promotional video along with some other young ladies who use the service.

The day of the filming arrived and I had to make my way to Sydenham Hill for 10am which is on the other side of London from where I live and a bit of a mission but I was so excited to be involved. It was a manic morning as we were on a tight schedule and some us who were being featured in the video still had to have our nails done before the film crew arrived. I had to showcase a Nail Art design so I had pink leopard print with blue and silver spots not usually my style but I thought I would try something new. Metta who is the nail artist behind Nail By Mets has a great eye for colour and design which she executes with wonderful attention to detail. The other girls had MINX and Gelish manicures which looked fantastic. There were so many MINX designs to choose from I think I will be getting one of those next although the prospect of having my nail colour last for up to three weeks with a Gelish manicure is very appealing.

The video was filmed by YBsquare a creative duo that help companies and individuals raise awareness of their brand. In short they help you buzz your biz with promotional videos and photographs via online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This year they are running a fantastic promotion, you pay the equivalent amount to the day of the year your video and images go viral so Jan 1st would be £1 and Dec 31st would be £365 you get the drift.

It was time to shoot and though I was nervous I decided to bite the bullet and go first. I didn’t really know what to say so I rambled about how working in the fashion industry makes it important for me to keep up with current trends. To make matters worse I smudges two of my nails just before I went on camera so I had to be mindful of how I positioned my hands the entire time. Needless to say I didn’t make the final cut *teary eyes* which I was a little disappointed about but never mind. Wardi @YBsquare_Wardi (pictured above) acted as the interviewer he had a great sense of humour and made us all feel really comfortable. He had a great way of guiding the girls to mention the key selling points of Nails By Mets. Randy @YBsquare_Randy who is the other half of YBsquare focused on the filming and shooting photographs and I must say the results are superb. Theses guys make a terrific team and it shows in their work. The video turned out great and even though I didn’t make the final cut I am feature in some pretty awesome promotional shots and here there are for your viewing pleasure.


7 responses to “Behind The Scenes: Nails By Mets Viral Promo Video

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  2. Thank you for bringing YBsquare to my attention. Their service is definitely something I would be interested in so I am off to check them out!

  3. Can someone tell me the what is the name of the nail polish on the girl holding the iphone? Is it a shade from Gelish?

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