Rihanna Style

The Basian songstress  Rihanna has come a long way from being an innocent sun-kissed pop princess to an influential and ever evolving style icon. To launch her latest album she has has ditched her rock chick threads and edgy hair cuts for a softer more feminine wardrobe of cute skirts and flirty dresses complimented with glamorous curly hair.

To perform her new single  ‘The only Girl’ on the Graham Norton show lasts Friday the star wore a stunning silk gown from the Vivienne Westwood Couture collection. In true Rhianna style she teamed this beautiful dress with a pair of black leather work boots. Only Rihanna could pull-off bright red hair and a red gown and masculine footwear. Whether the creation of a talented stylist or not, her look is flawless and that’s why Hannah loves it.


2 responses to “Rihanna Style

  1. I watched this and got myself so stupidly excited that I was on brandalley before you could say BOO bidding on some Firetrap studded boots! I love love the look too 🙂

    • Hey Milly, this outfit is pretty fantastic I do love the work boots and dress combo though I never got round to buying myself a pair.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Love and Kisses from The Fashion Brat xXx

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