Being inspired by NYC

Dear Diary a while back I found the website Garmz and wrote a blog post about how great I thought it was because it offered emerging designers the rare opportunity to showcase their work and take their designs into production. While browsing the site I found the work of  W.INK.

“I have been browsing the site and have fallen in love with a design by from Vienna. What excites me about his creation is the unexpected use of fabrics considering it is a gown. He suggests that the bodice, which from his sketch looks as though it would drape beautifully over a woman’s silhouette, and loose skirt, that appears to fall elegantly to the ground, would be made from a  knitted jersey material. While the waist would be pulled in by a belt made of stiff denim. Ordinarily I would never think to precede the word gown with casual, as has done for the title of  his design, but in this instance  I feel it is quite fitting and I am intrigued by the concept of a casual gown.”

Remember that… well since then I have been in regular contact with the designer Simon Winkelmuller and he has kept me informed about his work. Simon is a 18 year old fashion student at HLMW9 Michelbeuer and the ‘Casual Gown’ sketch was actually his contribution to a final year project which he worked on with his classmates Elisabeth and Regina.  The project was focused on producing one dress which was fully inspired by New York City, intrigued I asked him to tell me more  “We took all those districts and styles which NYC is famous for, like all the vintage, Upper East Side, financial related inspiration as well as the Hamptons. For all these themes we took one representing designer which showcased at  New York Fashion Eeek Spring/Summer 2010, the designers were, DKNY, Badgley Mischka, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Max Azria.” The team was lead by Regina who was responsible for organisation and planning, Simon drew the sketch of the design and Elisabeth  focused on the tailoring.

I had to see the finale article but since I couldn’t fly to Vienna to see it, (which would have been awesome) Simon was kind enough to send me some pictures and here they are for your viewing pleasure.


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