Pearl and Ivy

I am a hair accessories addict, whether it be a giant bow, headscarf or turban I rarely leave my house without some sort of elaborate headgear. Every now and again I get bored and start looking for some new way to wear my hair so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across hair accessory brand Pearl and Ivy.

The design duo behind the brand are Carly Beischer and Samantha Neary, who make all the products in the range personally  by hand or with the help of  their small team of design students from Central St Martin’s College. The designs are strongly influenced by the glamorous styling of the  20’s and ‘30’s so have a vintage feel which of course I love. What really makes Pearl and Ivy special are the styling tips that have been developed to accompany the designs.

This looks great but I also like to wear mine with half my hair up and half my hair down.

As well as the styles  available to purchase on their website, Pearl and Ivy have created a number of high end bespoke pieces including designs for ‘Brits 2010’ nominees including Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole. Since the website went live they have received a lot of media attention and their hair bands have been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Look and Grazia. I decided to get in on the action an caught up with Sam to find out how Pearl and Ivy came about and what future holds for them.

“Carly and I met at University. We both attended Manchester University and we met in our halls of residence. Carly worked in the Owens Park bar and I liked to drink in the bar.

Ever since we met we were always trying to think of a way we could work for ourselves. It all started when we use to sell all our clothes at the student market, because we’d both maxed out our over drafts!

The idea of the hair band came about when Carly designed and made me a hat for Bestival. Everyone commented on how amazing it was. When I returned from the festival I told Carly what everyone had said about it and she then she continued to come up with new designs, one of which was the hair band. At the time Carly worked in a vintage shop, so I helped make them and we started to sell them in there.

We finished university and decided to move to London, we didn’t have jobs but we were bored of Manchester. We started to sell hair bands at Spitalfields market and thats how Pearl and Ivy began. People seemed to like the bands so then we did another market, then we set up a website.

We have designed for Beyonce, The Saturdays, Alexa Chung, Cheryl Cole and more but the best one has to be Lady Gaga, no one does it quite like Gaga so it was very exciting and very stressful designing her piece. Its very hard to make something for someone who is so outrageous. We felt like however long or crazy the feathers were and however we twisted them shaped them etc it would never quite be enough, but we were really happy with the end result and I think she liked it too.

The next step… In more boutiques, festivals, creating our new range… getting ready for London Fashion Week in September, our favourite time of the year!”

The concept behind Pearl and Ivy is a stroke of creative genius that brought me a beautiful hair band I am sure I will treasure for years to come and that’s why Hannah love’s it.


One response to “Pearl and Ivy

  1. Hi
    I bought one of your beautiful headbands last year, at vodafone fashion week.
    Im desperate for another in this years seasonal colours, and for you to poss make my bridesmaids headwear.

    Kind regards
    Shelly Parfett

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