In today’s market fashion is dominated by huge corporations and brands who simplify trends from the catwalk to create products with mass appeal. So it’s not surprising that after watching catwalk shows at Graduate Fashion Week this year, which incidentally is sponsored by River Island, I left with the feeling that the high street is beginning to unintentionally stifle creativity.  It seemed to me that the young designers’ had created collections to suit the needs of stores rather than express their individual stylistic voices. This, however sad, is perfectly understandable considering how many designers fail at the professional level not through lack of talent but instead lack of financial support and opportunity.

Maybe, just maybe it’s time for a change and Garmz just might be the place where is starts. Launched in June 2010 Garmz is an exciting new online platform for designers to showcase their creations.  Born of the frustrations caused by the difficulties that young designers face the Garmz credo is ‘enable fashion talent’. The idea is for designers to upload their sketches and receive instant feedback from a global audience and potential customers who can vote for their favourite designs. Successful designs will be produced and sold by Garmz with the full creative control and copyright being held by the designer.

I have been browsing the site and have fallen in love with a design by from Vienna. What excites me about his creation is the unexpected use of fabrics considering it is a gown. He suggests that the bodice, which from his sketch looks as though it would drape beautifully over a woman’s silhouette, and loose skirt, that appears to fall elegantly to the ground, would be made from a  knitted jersey material. While the waist would be pulled in by a belt made of stiff denim. Ordinarily I would never think to precede the word gown with casual, as has done for the title of  his design, but in this instance  I feel it is quite fitting and I am intrigued by the concept of a casual gown.

This is the kind of creativity that Garmz encourages and supports and that’s why Hannah loves it.


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