Life is a beach

I am a contributor to Friend Friday an exercise started by Katy Rose of Modly Chic that invites fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a new topic each week. This week Katy’s questions were inspired by her most recent trip to the beach.

1. You’re headed to the beach/pool, what’s in your bag?

Well the first thing would be a large towel so I can sprawl out and relax in the sun, next is my sunglasses case because I will definitely have my stunners on, on my way to the beach, but I take them off once I arrive because tan lines on the face are seriously not cool. I have to have a bottle of water to keep me hydrated, some sort of skin care/sunscreen and last but not least entertainment in the form of a fashion magazine and a bucket and spade to build sand castles with… I know, I know, I’m big kid,  but I’m ok with that.

2. Be honest… how do you feel about sunscreen? How often do you put it on?

Even though I am Black and have less chance of getting sunburn I still regularly apply sunscreen although last summer I was drawn in by the allure of achieving that sun kissed look and allowed my new holiday chums to encourage me to use banana boat oil to improve my tan, it did have SPF6 so it wasn’t all bad (cheeky wink).

3. Do you have any sunburn remedies?

I have never had sunburn so can’t help you there, sorry guys.

4. Do you use sunless tanning products? Which do you use, why is it your favourite?

Being blessed with an all year tan I have no need for these types of products although in a moment of vanity induced madness, after my last holiday, I did consider using a sunbed to keep my summer glow.

5. The best part about the beach is…

Sporting my favourite bikini, (the bikini I am wearing in the picture below is by Freya, they always have a great swimwear range for ladies with a larger bust like myself) relaxing in the sunshine and hanging out with friends

Every woman has a different beach time ritual I have given you a little insight into mine so now tell me yours.


5 responses to “Life is a beach

  1. Sexy senorita! Looking very slim and stylish in that bikini! Uber impressive and the orange suits you loads! Gotta ask where is that beach?! It can’t be in England surely?!

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