Goth Inspired

I spotted these two girls in Old Street tube station, I had to stop and photograph them because I’m really feeling this whole goth/rock chic look at the moment and I thought they both wore it so well. The girls’ use of accessories adds an edginess to their outfits. I love Josefina’s (left) necklace and Anne’s (right) metal detail bag.

About a week after this picture was taken I bumped into Josefina and we got chatting. She is the sweetest girl, originally from Chile Josefina is in London studying BA Footwear at the London Collage of fashion “I study it because I think shoes are the most important thing on an outfit, I love shoes, and the right shoes make you feel confident and sexy.” The first day I met her, Josefina was wearing an awesome pair of black wedges I wish I had taken a close up of them now so you could all bask in their awesomeness. I asked Josefina about her personal style and how she puts her look together “I think my style is very mixed… but always black, always goth inspired, I try making my own clothes or customizing things I already have, it’s always fun and it makes you look different. For me the magic is in the detail, whether it be a great pair of shoes an interesting bag or a statement necklace attention to detail can make a simple outfit something special.


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