happy snapping in london town

We may not like to admit it but life is a fashion show and we all participate whether it be at work or in our social lives. We all want to look good and for some that comes easier than for others. People often look to celebrities and magazines for style advice but not me I look to London.  London is one of the world’s fashion capitals and if you look up and take notice you will see why. Whenever I am feeling uninspired I put on my walking shoes and take to the streets of London looking for people with fierce personal style who will excite my eyes and stimulate my mind.  I have a number of fashion shows to attend next week and for the first time in a long time I am at a loss as to what to wear so this weekend I did what  I always do only this time I was armed with my Nikon D5000. I have decided that I am going to show these ambassadors of fashion to the world because they show that you don’t have to be rich, famous, part of the fashion elite or a size zero to be stylish.

Check back soon for the next addition of  ‘all the world’s a catwalk’


One response to “happy snapping in london town

  1. love it!!! i like to look at people who dress themselves, im tired of fashion shoots and ‘perfectly styled’ celebs.

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