Take me to Alex land

Ok deep breath guys this is a bit of a long one but well worth the read. A few months ago I was introduced to the work of a very talented photographer by the name of Alexandra Cameron. She had photographed a friend of mine and the pictures were on her Facebook page, just breathtaking, instantly I was a fan. I friended Alexandra on Facebook as is the social protocol today and was amazed and inspired by her body on work. Recently she has been getting more exposure and has done an editorial for Who’s Jack which came out this month. So I thought it was time to take a trip to Alex Land and get to know the girl behind the camera.

Why photography?

I grew up in a very creative household and my brother and father both played with photography, I also studied film at university and so once I graduated I decided to really give myself a chance at photography and see if I could do it.

I think the main reason I chose photography after graduating was because I have an active imagination, if you have an idea for film it’ll take weeks, months, years to complete it but when you have an idea for photography you can do it almost straight away. I also love the control you can have and the stories you can create….it means so much to me to be in a place where I can create something, something that I captured and was my vision being caught. Photography is my way to vent, it’s a ways to express myself in what I think and feel and my dreams and imagination. I’m not sure I could function without photography; it’s so apart of me now that I don’t feel normal without it!

What inspires you?

Wow, so many things, stories, films, songs, people, life!!! I also draw a huge amount of inspiration from my peers and other photographers I watch and admire. Flickr is a huge source of inspiration; I could search in Flickr for hours and never get bored!

I think the thing to remember is your own personal style and your own likes, I love the vintage look, I don’t like a photo to be over complicated but naturalistic and relatable so many things I love will inspire me to take a photos, even if it’s just feathers which is a prop I used on a recent editorial.

What do you love about location photography?

Everything!! I am not a studio photographer, I will always prefer to shoot outside with natural light, I think it allows me to create more of an atmosphere and show more reality on photos. I like that when you create and image and a story that it will be familiar to the viewer.

I have grown up in the country and to this day want to try and capture the way this place makes me feel, not only places where I live but beautiful scenery around the country and world. I think the world has so much beauty and I want to create stories and capture images in these places because they need to be seen.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like my photos to be relatable, airy and light. I think my photos tend to be fresh and play a lot on light and composition, I would like to try some things out of my comfort zone, a lot of my photos are very summery and light but I would like to try more edgy fashion stories so I hope to do that in the future.

Because I grew up in the country I also think my surrounding play a huge part in my photos, I especially love fields and nature and you will see that reflected in work.

What do you look for when selecting models?

I think when choosing models it is important to keep in mind the fashion story you are creating, different models suit different themes but at the end of the day I will always select a model that inspires me.

Do you have a stylist and make-up artist with on your shoots?

When I started I did all this myself but as I progressed I started using a makeup artist and then started using whole teams. I now use a team on all my shoots, I think they will push a shoot to the next level, be more polished, better planned and a shoot will always be better when you have the creative input of a group of creative people.

I see you enjoy using props, such as the image of you in a cardboard box or the model holding balloons, what is the idea behind this?

I am a childish person at heart; with my photography I will always include my personality into my photography. I love whimsical settings, child like props and visually interesting shapes and colours. Balloons, feathers, bubbles, books, brollies and lanterns…I love them all and I will always want to create an atmosphere in my photos and use props that make something more visually attractive and fun.

Of course when it comes to the box….well I also like random stuff!!

And finally, where do you want to take your photography?

I want to take off to the moon 🙂 I believe I am still in the early stages of my photography and I want to go so far, I want to shoot for well respected publications, I want to have books, exhibits and of course I want to be recognised for my work. I don’t know if all this will happen but I will continue to push myself and continue to be inspired to be better.

You can take a trip to Alex Land too www.alexandracameronphotography.blogspot.com



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