Barbie Basics

Barbie is a cultural phenomenon that over 50 years has become a fashion icon. Barbie has inspired a make-up collection by my favourite cosmetics brand MAC and influenced many fashion designers. When I was a little girl my Barbie doll was my favourite toy, I could sit and play with her for hours, I loved to dress her up and style her hair creating a new look every day. I know a lot of women would tell the same story, well ladies playtime is not over.  Mattel recently launched the Barbie Basics collection which features 12 dolls with a variety of face sculpts, skin tones and hairstyles which I feel represent the modern metropolitan woman. Celebrating every female’s must have wardrobe staple, the little black dress, each of the 12 dolls sport their own distinctive LBD that can be accessorised to reflect your own style. The Barbie Basics collection encourages grown-up girls to play with a selection of accessory packs that include shoes, bags and other items to make your mini me look fabulous. I have fallen in love with Barbie all over again and I can’t wait to get mine.


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