My first catwalk show

Dear Diary it’s June 2008, I’ve just completed my degree in journalism and news media which I didn’t really enjoy at all and I think to myself “what now?” I’m not really passionate about anything well except shopping of course. Light bulb moment, ok so I’ll be a fashion writer hmm one problem beyond my love for clothes, shoes and anything I can adorn my body with to make me look and feel fabulous I know little about fashion or how the industry works. Some months pass and I take a sort of internship writing articles for the website of an up and coming fashion label. My editor is really a fashion designer and unable to offer me the critique necessary to help me develop my writing. Plus I kinda feel that my work sounds recycled and I guess it was since my only sources were fashion magazines and webzines. Many more months pass and then, a new plan, I must immerse myself in the fashion world and start attending catwalk shows and other such events. Flash forward it’s now September 2009 and London Fashion Week is about to commence, I manage to get myself an invite to Alice Palmer’s catwalk show with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. I first became a fan of her work when I saw her collection on the ASOS site and thought her show would be interesting. The day of the show arrives I agonise over my outfit and finally go with black leggings, leather thigh high boots with a killer platform heel, cream cami with a waist belt and a vintage scarf draped round my neck finished with a blazer and giant shades with a gold granny chain for extra detail. I get to the venue and there is a queue the length of the building, there are two girls on the door with fierce outfits on and attitudes to match. I nervously approach them and one bluntly asks “Buyer or Press?” I reply “Press”, she informs me that this is the queue and there is a bit of a wait. After queuing for what seemed like an eternity we are finally allowed into the building I feel a burst of excitement rush over me I think to myself “I am about to see my first catwalk show ahhhhhh”. All the guests take their seats and then it begins. The models take the stage and the cameras start flashing like crazy. I ask a friend to take some pictures while I make notes. The collection boasts a mixed palette of colours from delicate nudes to intense blues with bold shapes and edgy textures, it is impressive work. But alas it’s all over in a matter of minutes and it kinda felt like an anticlimax, then the excitement was replaced with disappointment. Never the less I enjoyed the experience and now I know what to expect London Fashion Week 2010 watch out there’s a new blogger in town.


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